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RESERVE A SEATED WINE TASTING EXPERIENCE: Receive the deluxe treatment with one of our reserved wine tastings. A reserved tasting is the only way to get a seated tasting let by one of our knowledgable staff at a table in our tasting room. Please note that this is not a private tasting. If you would like a private tasting, see our Private Tour & Tasting option below.

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*Price includes tax but not gratuity.  For descriptions of the wines, see here.

PRIVATE TOUR & TASTING - $50 per person*, Minimum $200

Relax and taste our wines with your group in private in our Recording Lounge. One of our experienced staff will explain the what, where, why and how behind our wines. Snack on Wisconsin cheese, salami, & fresh baguettes while tasting. Afterwards, we will tour our production area and get an in-depth look at how our wines are made - and what we do that sets us apart.

Cost includes fresh baguettes, cheese and salami platter, a vineyard tour (weather permitting), production tour, and a tasting of our Mode Blanc, Heart, Cabernet Franc, Mode du Rhone, Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Croix REserve, Amadeus, Coltrane, Axl, Hendrix, Sappa, and Joplin wines. If you would like the above souvenirs added, just let us know when you reserve. You will have use of the Private Lounge for 2 hours, after which time the room will be open to the public. Additional food and/or take home bottles are extra.   *Price includes tax but not gratuity.

By reservation only. Unavailable Saturdays after 2 pm.

Everyone in the party will need to choose the same tasting. Reservations are required by filling out this form. The entire group will be on one bill. Sorry, no carry-in food or beverages of any type. Please give us a call if the number in your party changes. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled. Groups more than 15 minutes late may need to reschedule.

Available daily until 4pm, and Saturdays at 11, 12, 1, 2 & 2:30 pm.         

Musician Wine Tasting - $25 pp*

All will taste our Amadeus, Coltrane, Axl, Ringo & Hendrix wines which range from dry to sweet. And everyone gets a bottle of their favorite bottle of wine to take home or enjoy here.

Premier Wine Tasting - $40 pp*

All will taste our Viognier, Chardonnay Reserve, Pinot Noir Reserve, Marquette Reserve, and Joplin Ruby Port. And everyone gets a bottle of their favorite wine to take home or enjoy here.

ADD ONS: Choose an optional add on to enhance your winetasting experience.

Chocolate Pairing + $10 pp

Each wine is paired with an artisan hand dipped chocolate made for us by Kilwins of Lake Geneva.

Cheese & Salami Plate + $10 pp

Enjoy a fresh Wisconsin cheese, Boar's Head salami, & cracker plate for each winetaster.

Self Guided Painting - $25 pp

Create a masterpiece! All materials are included. Saturday availability is limited to an 11-1pm time slot.

SOUVENIRS:  Take home a memento of your party!

Studio Wineglass + $6 pp

Keep the glass!

Drinking Buddy Glass Hanger - $3 pp

These handsome boys & girls come in assorted colors and names.

CORKS & CANVAS PAINT PARTY: Sip and paint with your party! Details here.

WINERY RENTAL:  Rent the entire winery, or the lounge, for your event. Details here.

Premier Red Wine Tasting - $48 pp*

All will taste our Pinot Noir Reserve, Cabernet Franc, Mode du Rhone, Marquette, and St. Croix Reserve. And everyone gets a bottle of their favorite wine to take home or enjoy here.




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