kathy's art

   bold, bright, happy

"I'm a serious artist that doesn't feel that art should be serious.  

Bright reds and yellows; circles, flowers, music; bold, bright & happy.

These are the things that inspire my art."

Kathy’s entire career was in home decor design creating products for companies such as Kohl’s, Walmart, the NFL, McDonalds and Bed Bath & Beyond. Most recently, Kathy won a Silver Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition for Studio’s Musician Series of Wine Labels. In addition to all the paintings that adorn our tasting room, Kathy also makes all of our jewelry, our fused glass items, and guides our Corks & Canvas painting sessions.

Yearning for that big red circle painting in the tasting room, but you don't have 100 square feet to hang it? Love that Hendrix or Axl label painting that's not for sale? Order a print custom fit to your space.

studio's artist kathy jackson